Trainer Mat - Price Differences

I am in desperate need of a new mat to put under my trainer. My last one (cheapie yoga mat I picked up for $20), has been destroyed by sweat, grime, and maybe a few of my tears as I get dropped.
Anyway, can someone explain why the mats offered by the various trainer companies Elite, Wahoo, and TacX are so expensive compared to your run of the mill yoga mat?

They are usually about 4x the price of the generic mat.

I have a TacX Semi smart trainer. All I need is ERG mode. It does 6% grade.

Mats are important! but you don’t need a branded one. Most Yoga Mats are VERY slippery as they are made of foam. The Lululemon ones are rubber backed and ok but check out Costco, they sell the Gym Floor mats, they are like 60lbs a piece. Its what I use and are affordable.

I use this gym quality rubber mat, only £38 and is the perfect size for my bike and trainer. Thick rubber matt with no signs of wear after 12 months.

Heavy Duty Large Rubber Gym Mat Commercial Flooring 12mm Garage Flooring Natural

I’m currently using my wife’s Lululemon yoga mat(got in trouble for that🤷🏼‍♂️) Thinking about using foam gym flooring instead.

Just took a quick look on MEC website. It seems most yoga mats that are of the same size, thickness and type of materials are about the same price as trainer mats.

I was at Costco today poking around, and I did not see anything. Maybe it is a seasonal thing?

Hard to tell from the pictures, but is that one of those “grid” type systems, where you buy 2x2 pieces, and put them together jigsaw style?

LOL! Busted - the EXACT same reason I am looking for a new mat. I “borrowed” my wifes about a year ago, wrecked it, so I need to replace it!

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Any chance you can link to a couple? I trust MEC a lot more than I trust some of the trainer manufactures.

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This is the most recommended by most cycling websites i looked at

LOL! Those are the ones I was avoiding trying to buy! Non trainer brands!

Hahahaha, sorry misread that

The other problem with yoga mats, they’re not really wide enough so i had to turn mine sideways and cut it up for front riser. Trainer mats typically will be wider

I ended up buying two el cheapo yoga mats and run them in paralell