Top Speed Ever on Zwift

So - I am throwing down the gauntlet. Try to beat this top speed on Zwift.

Not my pic, so I have no idea how the dude managed to rock some wicked speeds like that. Imagine the DROPS!!!

Yet another dude who weighs .01KG or a bug in his config!

Would make for some awesome bragging rights however.

302?! Hahaha !! My dad had some glitches like that on his strava/garmin acount when he was in Australia, iirc it was around 500kmh lol

What!! I would never, ever delete that segment. Would make for some good betting when sitting around a beer.

Wanna bet I can go faster than 80k? Strava as proof! Bam - get paid

I got 100Km/h down the hill on the Giro TT today and u locked the Zwift badge

Nice! That’s some serious speed. Isn’t the Giro TT leg just 8k or something? Going at 100km/hour makes for a very short segment.

Did you have to go all out to get to 100k? Or is it s super steep downslope? I have to do ToW before I can try the Giro route.

After doing the Giro TT, I now understand how it is possible to get 100km/h when coming downhill. That is 2000m of straight down road! Giddy up!

You can get 100 kmhr on the down hill from the tower on epic climb in watopia. it used to be the only place you could do it. The first time I did it strava showed 100 kmhr but Zwift had it at 99.9 so I didn’t get badge. Second time I think I hit 103 kmhr

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Is the Epic Climb the same as Alpe Du Zwift?

got 102 kmhr on bologna downhill. Strava taxed it back to 101. Easier to get 100 kmhr on Bologna than on the radio tower descent. Just gun it as you go past the 6 km marker

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Proof or GTFO! :slight_smile: