To keep Zwift, or to ditch Zwift

So, the weather here in Canadaland is starting to finally warm up, and the IRL life biking is starting to take more and more of my time. So million dollar question (or $19/month question), do I keep Zwift for the summer months?

Do you keep your subscription year round, or drop it for 3-4 months a year?

I used Trainerroad throughout last year and i plan to run Zwift through the summer this year too. There will always be some bad weather days and days where you dont have time to head outdoors.

So this brings up a whole new line of conversation. I love Zwifting for the convenience , and the odd race (1-2 times a week). I am thinking about going more serious into IRL rcing, as it is something I have started to really enjoy. Should I go to TR (I am not willing to pay for both TR and Zwift). Also, I do not have a power meter, which seems to be almost mandatory for trainer road.

I think TR is better for structured training. One big downfall to Zwift is the racing/events are addicting and will hamper training. If you are really getting serious i would check out FasCat training.