The Members Journey

This topic has been set up for all members of the team to share their life journeys through cycling. We have many stories to tell on who we got to where we are now. Some are very normal and may not have been very exciting but there are many that are.

There are members who have struggled with their own personal issues, family issues, work issues and just issues in general. Tom Mansfield has commented that he was a a 95kg Rugby player which for me is nothing unusual but for him it can tell a different story. In Toms words:

“Here’s one to share with you all and it would be great to see some of your journeys in Cycling as well! On the left when I first started cycling about 3.5 years ago as a 95kg rugby player, to the right (also featuring [Danny Smith]now a 75kg lean racing machine. From getting lapped in 4th cat Crits to being in the points at national races it’s been a hell of a journey! No matter where you start guys/girls keep a good mindset and never give up you never know where you can go with it!”

Lets here your stories no matter how boring you think they are we want to hear about them.

Many moons ago back in the motherland (Ireland), I was a rather competitive road racer, however as life does, it came along, kicked me in the ass, and I ended up on the other side of the world with a wife and kids.

Now heading into my forties, I have done a dozen or so races on Zwift - lost 35 lbs, and I am 13 days away from my first IRL race in 25 years.

It’s been a journey!