Team Calendar 2019

Please follow the link to the team events calendar. This calendar will be updated on a regular basis and will list all current events organised by the team and will include events /races/rides that the team are looking at targeting.

If you have any events you wish to add or believe would be good not only for individual members but for the team then please PM Tam Burns or Dave Clarkson to have the event added to the calendar.

@Tam, should we add an events section to this website? It seems like a lot of our information is fairly spread out, without any real home.

Yes defo mate, try and get more members to come here

Tam - I have added “Event” Functionality right into the forum now.

When creating a topic in the “Team Events” Category, you now get a box that asks you to enter the date and time of the event, along with RSVP functionality so folks can “confirm” attendance. This is going to make it so much easier to keep track of the various confirmed Cryo Gen events. Here is a screenshot,

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I would love to see this become the default way of advertising our events. Doing it behind a closed wall of Facebook blocks the visibility.

If you search “Team Cryogen” on google, or even “cryogen zwift” this is the first site to come up.

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