Swift Yorkshire Harrogate map confirmed

Looks like we are going to have some new Tarmac for us to ride in a couple of weeks.


Am I the only one that thinks we should be getting bigger (longer maps) on a more regular basis? I mean the last map we got was New York, and that was back when New York was released, and that was back in May. In four months, we only get 14k of new road?

Am I asking too much?

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It would be nice to see another world with a similar size to watopia.

Sounds like they are spending 50/50 on resources on new worlds/routes and on Watopia.

Personally, I love the real worlds, because… they are real… Makes me feel like I am there in a cartoony way.

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Apparently the focus from the crew at Zwift HQ is on revamping the UI, and not on new maps, which is kinda disappointing to me.

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