Swift Burrito Power Up is back

Straight off the presses, the burrito power up is back, along with a brand new Zwift mode, and a new power up. From the Zwift Hype Fb page.

Zwift Update 1.0.37294

Invisibility powerup added (Ninja!)

Group fence is going live

Lots of new team kits this update

Cycling Kits:

  • BZR

-BRT Mens & Womens

-Team DIRT

-Team Draft

-Team Fusion


-Team Velocity

-Jan Frodeno Kit & Cap

Running Kits:

-ZRS Firecracker


Zwift Classics Event, with a September finale in Yorkshire (New Map)

TT events are getting some staring pen tweaks and boosts out of the pens it appears.

I see that there are now team custom kits in game. @TamBurns how do we get CryoGen represented?

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