Sunday Group Ride (It's My Party and I'll CRYO if I Want To)

Jeffrey Skinner has suggested an Open Zwift Group ride on Sunday nights around the 1900hrs time (CST) 0001 GMT and 2000 (EST). The ride will either be in laps (course to be decided) or a 1 hour - 90 min ride at around the 2.5w/kg 2.8w/kg on the flat and a maximum of 3.5 on the climbs with a re group at the top of any climb.

We need at least 3 nominated Ride Leaders and at least 3 nominated Ride Sweepers. This is to ensure that in the absence of one of the leaders or Sweepers we will always have cover for the ride. Before anyone volunteers for both ride leader and sweeper, this system will not allow you to be tagged as both in the same ride.

I would also suggest if you wish that at the end of the ride is you wish to throw in a 5km ish race where ride leaded will let the group race out the last few KM’s. If you would like this then we can’t include the ride fence facility to hold all riders with the group.

Please PM me with any further Ideas:

Names who are Avail for both ride leader and Sweeper.
Preferred Course
Laps or duration
End Race or just group finish.

Unfortunately the time does not work out for me. I suspect a lot of the team will be looking to the outdoors now that spring has sprung here in North America. I suspect it is a different story for our friends down under.