Short term Neo2 review

So, it’s been about a wk since i got my new trainer, and i love it. So far i’ve done 3 ZA workouts, 1 race and 4 of my own workouts. Price, not cheap, $2000. So you’ll have to cost out how much you ride indoors vs. outdoors, i do about 90% of my riding indoors(100% during the winter), so it kinda makes sense. As far as setup, it came already setup for standard dropouts, just popped on a matching cassette, downloaded the Tacx utility app, make sure firmware is updated and you are ready to go on zwift. Connected right away, Neo doesnt require any calibration :heart_eyes:. It also uses only 1 BT channel for everything, good for ATV4 users :+1:. It also does Ant+ if you need that :man_shrugging:t3: As far as power/feel/cadence etc. Power reads the same as my Stages G2, which was nice as it didn’t decimate my ftp/power :+1: Free-riding is probably closest to real as it gets, insanely quiet too, just driveline noise and heavy breathing. I dont use erg mode so i cant really give a review on that. Last wed MGF race was entered very nervously as i had been catB since i started on Zwift and was dreading getting dropped instantly. Turned out i had nothing to worry about, I actually managed to finish in :2nd_place_medal::hugs: Just experienced the virtual tire slippage during hard sprints today, this only happens when sprinting from low watts to full power in the lowest gears. It’s very short and doesnt really feel like it effects anything, just something to be aware of. I’m pretty sure i’ve forgotten something, so if there are any questions at all, message me here or on FB or messenger :+1:

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I’m in the same camp as you Ben. Was using a first gen Elite Drivo which is a fairly good trainer but the Neo is better in my experience. I’ve not experienced the slippage as of yet but I’m normally spinning a bit going into a sprint. If something happened to this one I would replace it with another Neo.

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You mention you had to pop on a casette. Please, please tell me that for $2000 (USD?), it came with it?

This fall I am eyeing the new Elite Suito, which is a low end direct drive trainer (I think it should retail for $799). Waiting for the reviews to drop before, I drop my cashola.

@BenNickerson what did you upgrade from, and in your opinion, was it worth it?

Also, I am not sure I understand the virtual tire slippage, when there is no tire?

You would think that a $2000 CAD trainer would come with a cassette, but sadly no. My old setup was a KurtKinetic Road Machine 2.0 with a Stages powermeter. Definitely a big upgrade in feel and 100 times quieter. Power is similar to my old setup, which was nice, no big ftp losses. So far i would say it was worth it. I did buy it from a store that has a no haggle warranty. The “tyre slip” is similar to a wheel on trainer that hasn’t been tensioned properly. Very brief and only when going from low watts to full sprints.

The biggest change is racing feel. On the wheel-on trainer you are always fighting tension no matter what, with the smart trainer it eases up on downhills and flats.

So, the million dollar question is, how has your performance been since the upgrade? I hear moving to direct drive trainers usually equals a drop in FTP of about 30 watts? May not be as drastic for you, as you were already rocking a power meter.

So far no drastic power drop. Racing feels like it has improved if anything. I tested my stages through my garmin head unit while on zwift using neo2 and they were pretty much dead on. Maybe 1-5watts variance.

Glad to hear that there has been no real power drop when moving to the new trainer. Perhaps thats good enough reason to justify the cost! :slight_smile:

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