Racing on platforms other than Zwift

As the title says, I am wondering what other platforms our there offer racing online? I love the Zwift racing experience, however I would love to kick the tires on the competition, if there is any?

From what I can see Trainer Road does not have racing as part of the platform.

For the life of me i cant remember the names of them, but there are 2. I think one is Veloton ? In the beta/testing phase. The other one is very gimmicky and resembles something out of Nintendo world.

The other one is CVRCade. DC Rainmaker has a good review on it. I’ve watched someone from CyclingHub race on it and it was comical.

I signed up for the beta of CVrcade when I first heard about it, but then saw some beta footage and did not even bother taking advantage of my invite. So disappointed.

Did you remember the name of the other online racing platform? I know @TamBurns talked about one on Facebook, but I cannot find it for the life of me. Search on FB is a train wreck to say the least.

@Barry_B Veloton, graphics look insane.

Holy crap! Now that I can get behind. Do you have a link to the actual product? Googling Peloton does not bring up anything that I think is the actual online platform.

It looks like they are using the Pro Cycling Manager video game as the engine behind this.

I can only find YouTube and Facebook links. Tam has a direct connection with Veloton, so he would be the man to talk to

@TamBurns What say you?