Power meter help

One of our nationwide retailers here in Canada is having a killer sale on power meters, however I do not know enough about the “hardware” on a bike to know if it is compatible.

Long story short. Will this power meter “fit” on this bike, in terms of groupset, not actual size.

I dont see why not, as long as the arm mounting is the same

When you say the arm mount, do you mean the crank length? 170, 172.5, etc?

No the way the arm is connected. Looks like both the ultegra and sora both use 2 bolts to connect. Should work. Of course you need to make sure the crank length works.

Thanks for the info man. Do you have a recommended site to learn about the technology/terminology in bikes? I have no idea the real difference is between Sora/Ultegra, etc. I watched some GCN videos, and have found them helpful so far.

Not really. Gotta just get used to the jargon. sora is a lower end group set where ultegra is a higher end group set and therefore more money.

In this case, what does higher end actually entail? Lighter? Stronger? The price difference between Sora and Utegra is significant.

Lighter and more gears