New Heart Rate Monitor Needed

Right now on the trainer I use a fore arm mounted heart rate monitor that I acquired from @J.Donaldson ,I am looking to make the “upgrade” to a chest mounted monitor as I hear that they are much more accurate.

Right now I am eyeballing the Wahoo Tickr. Any other models out there that I should be looking at?

I have been using the Polar H10 for 3 years, flawless!

Not to brag about 4iiii but the Viiiiva has an ant+ bridge which is nice if you are trying to add ant+ devices to iOS. It’s also nice if you use zwift on iOS as you know you are limited to two devices. With this bridge you are not.

Then again. Nothing wrong with the tickr.

Thanks for the recommendation. What price range would you expect a decent HR monitor to be? The polar looks to be $150 in Canada, which I thought was kinda pricey

The Tickr is about $40 cheaper than the Viiiia

Not sure I can justify a %50 price jump just for the extra sensor. If Zwifing, you should only need a power meter and a heart meter for most events right?

I’m using the bluetooth one from suunto and it’s mlre than enough :blush:

I’m using a KurtKinetic hr strap. I’ve heard it is a rebranded Wahoo tikr. I have had it for 3-4yrs, zero problems. I wash it with my bibs/jerseys in the laundry.

Where did you hear it was a re-branded tickr? I am thinking it may make sense to keep all of the accessories tied to one vendor (if Garmin stick to Garmin, if Wahoo stick to Wahoo). Dunno - to me it simplifies things

I think it was in a review of the Kinetic power bundle. It’s a power/speed sensor and hr strap combo. I’ll try and find it.

Tickr for me…although the strap didnt last me long on the washing machine…had to buy a cheap replacement

That’s awesome! I wonder if it can synch with the Wahoo app in my iPhone.

Off to google I go!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I’ve used it with the 4iiii app

I suppose that makes sense. As long as it is using a standard for communication (BLE, etc), then it should work. Feeling kinda dumb now!

85 bucks on Amazon now. Think I paid around 70 when I bought it.

I bought a garmin one via my LBS around 18 months ago and its been flawless, I have it linked with my zwift setup and my Garmin edge 510. The only problem is the plastic section is really cold in the mornings :rofl:

Are you a “garmin guy”? Meaning is the rest of your gear Garmin? I have Wahoo bike computer.

Yeah I am “a Garmin guy” I guess. Garmin bike computer, HRM, speed and cadence sensor on a few of my bikes. I’m not specifically loyal to Garmin it just happens that that’s what I bought.
My trainer is Tacx at the moment but I’m moving to Elite Direto as soon as they are in stock again.

I know that this thread is older than dirt, but I finally did go and get a new heart rate monitor (Wahoo Tickr.). I got it locally used for $20CAD. What a deal.

Love the HR monitor!

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