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The Giro d’Italia is one of cycling’s three Grand Tours, running for three weeks each spring. 2019 marks its 102nd year, and Zwift is bringing part of the action to the entire community.

We created a whole new world based on Stage One of this year’s Giro. Meter-by-meter, we’ve replicated all 8.2km of the Bologna-to-San Luca time trial course in a stunning game environment. Just like the real-life race, it departs from Piazza Maggiore and ends after a climb past the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. You couldn’t ask for a better simulation. Check out the full course recon here.

The 102nd Giro d’Italia begins May 11th. In the days leading up to it, some pro teams competing in the race will get to prepare in a special way—by riding Zwift’s course in Bologna. This race will be recorded and broadcast during Stage One, with the in-game rides displayed alongside live coverage. Gaming meets a Grand Tour for the first time ever.

Starting on May 11th, this in-game route is yours to ride in the Giro d’Italia TT Challenge. Open to the entire community, it’s a race across the event-only Giro d’Italia Bologna TT Course. All the wonders of the first leg of the 2019 Giro are yours to experience.

From May 11th to June 2nd, Zwifters can ride the course to unlock some sweet in-game rewards. Plus, if you finish the Giro d’Italia TT Challenge between May 11th and 13th, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win the official leader’s jersey—the Maglia Rosa—signed by the 2019 Giro winner!

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Some additional screenshots from the Zwift Hype page on Facebook

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And probably one of the worst reveal videos in history.

While I am grateful for some new tarmac to race on, I am disappointed that it is only 8.2k. For the average team member they will be through that in 15-20 minutes.

Not sure this is enough to ensure the summer riders don’t cancel their Zwift memberships for the outdoor season.

Hopefully we are going to be seeing more and more of these “smaller” releases instead of waiting almost a year for a full new course (looking at you New York). Perhaps that is the new cadence of Swift HQ.

Yeah, that’s how I think they are going to do it also. They have hinted at more smaller releases almost as bolt one to Watopia. But 8k is kinda disappointing.