Discourse for Old Codgers

Does anybody have a clear guide (for idiots like me) on how to use discourse during a ride.
At the moment I haven’t a clue.

Do you have a Discord account ? If yes, are you going to use it on a phone or computer ?
Do you have the link to Cryo-Gen discord link ?

I have a discord account I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and I think I have a link to Cryo-Gen.When I open up the app during a ride or race all I can see is text msgs

Tap the icon in the top left and it will show all the Cryo voice channels.

I don’t see the General Header but if I choose the ALL header and click the + symbol I get asked to join a server

Thanks very much Bill I will give it a go on Saturdays ride

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Thanks for this, I was also wondering how to join also.

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